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  • Photo of Andy
    Andy Hobbs13 January, 2015

    Web design principles 2

    Make it interesting Okay, so your website has succesfully completed step 1 and caught your users' attention. Great! But now what? You certainly don't want people to leave your website now, which is what will happen unless you can keep them engaged and spark their interest in what you're…

  • Photo of Andy
    Andy Hobbs11 December, 2014

    Solutions Outsourced Christmas hours

    Skeletons & Christmas hours: Closed from Friday 19th December 5pm Skeleton staff week* Monday 5th - Friday 9th January Back on Deck Monday 12th - Friday 16th January See you in the new year! Contacting Support over the holidays Have a critical request? Click here to see what Siteflex…

  • Photo of Amy
    Amy Rawlings10 December, 2014

    Why Go Responsive?

    Why we recommend responsive as the best approach to designing for web. The Internet is alive A decade ago, who could have imagined that we’d be streaming funny cat videos to our TVs, or that we'd be connecting with the world socially via the watch on our wrist? It's clear that…

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