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Company Directors & Founders

  • Mark Kofahl


    Mark is a founder and director of Solutions Outsourced Pty Ltd, the vision for which arose from many years of commercial experience in the IT industry. Mark is a guest speaker at Australasia's No. 1 Business Event, CeBIT; contributes to a number of charitable organisations and is also a Non-Executive Director of Mater Dei as well as Macarthur Disability Services. Mark is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


    Mark is a Christian, a father of two, commercial pilot and flight instructor and speaks fluent German. He loves skiing fresh snow and has a small obsession with VW's.

  • Dominic Ooi


    With a background in I.T, Dom joined the team after completing his Masters and now participates as a Director of the company. Dom has wide ranging experience in both the Education and Commercial worlds, and specifically with Ecommerce and their supporting systems.


    Dominic enjoys a good laugh, is a keen bass player, loves spending time with his young family and GTIs (not necessarily in that order).

  • Deborah Kofahl


    A founder and director of Solutions Outsourced, Deborah's tertiary qualifications (with Honours) in Management Studies serves as a firm foundation for the company's vision of delivering outstanding services to clients.


    Deborah enjoys the outdoors - camping, hiking and skiing with her 2 young kids. The most common questions she gets asked is who she supports in the Rugby - South African born, New Zealand educated, Deborah has made Australia home.


Design team

  • Olivia Grima


    Olivia has a steady eye for all things design and is always ready to tackle any new task that is throw her way. Her consideration for others means that no one is ever wanting for a tea or coffee, and her “Wild Olivia” dance moves are so contagious that she’s never dancing alone!


    Olivia takes every opportunity to get outdoors with family and friends. She is appreciated for being kind natured and wise beyond her years. Olivia has settled down with her husband in the beautiful Southern Highlands.

  • Andy Hobbs


    If there was a competition for “World’s Nicest Guy” Andy would at least make the ‘Highly Commended’ list. He started work at Solutions Outsourced in 2006 and returns after a 3-year hiatus to help with design and looking after our clients.


    When Andy isn't hanging with his wife Keris and sons Callum & Jude- he enjoys watching a good movie, drinking good coffee and playing mildly competitive sports (not at the same time). The 4 of them have settled in Wollongong, helping some friends start up a church there.

  • Jaydon Hill


    Jaydon joins our team as part junior designer, part international spy. With a background in 3D modelling and character design, Jaydon loves seeing his design creations come to life and brings a lot of creativity to the design team.


    When Jaydon isn't purchasing reptiles- he enjoys Snowboarding, playing video games and eating copious amounts of food. He also has a talent for pulling out relevant Youtube videos for almost every occasion.

  • Dani Begovich


    Dani is passionate about design and is enthuastic about using good design to help our clients strengthen their business. As a talented designer, she is committed to using her design skills for good and not evil.


    As a self-professed donut connoisseur, Dani is quick to use any opportunity to buy the office a round of donuts. Dani loves to get outdoors for some wakeboarding or to take her dogs Buddy and Tig for a walk (and sometimes her cat Squid, too!).

  • Samuel Tomkins



Programming team

  • Rowen Atkinson


    Rowen is the builder of all things web. Having worked in the industry for over 18 years in both front and back end programming, we're excited that Rowen can bring his experience to  our programming team.


    On the weekends, Rowen is a professional photographer - loves spending time behind the lens and is always thinking about which lens to buy next. He also loves spending time with his wife and 3 kids, with his church, with a latte and with his Playstation (not always in that order!)

  • Mitchell Carlyon


    Mitch is a member of the front-end team. His skills in front-end development, as well as his positive attitude and willingness to help make him a valuable addition to the team.


    Mitch has a passion for creative writing (of the purely fictional kind) and the Japanese culture and language. He spends his spare time studying the thousands of characters with the hope of one day becoming fluent.

  • Jack Marchant


    Jack has a computing degree from Wollongong University, is quick to learn and doesn’t mind getting his hands (and, more specifically, his keyboard) dirty with all types of code.


    Jack is a man of many passions. Not only does he love good, clean code- Jack is also an avid guitarist (preferably acoustic), soccer player and fan (Barcelona, wooh!) and loves getting all sandy at the beach.

  • John Wilson


    John has a commercial background in programming to assist Siteflex users get the most out of their websites. John has been programming websites since the 1990’s, and ran his own company in New Zealand before settling in Australia with his wife and son. John has a passion for front end website development work.


    John enjoys creating music that skates the fine line between music and random beeps and blips. He loves spending time with his family, sampling ice cream and pineapple lumps, and attempting to go to the snow every year with only occasional success.

  • Steve Dixon


    Steve has been involved in the creation of websites for almost 20 years and joins the programming team with his talent of bringing beautiful websites to life. Before coming to Solutions Outsourced Steve worked with the web team at Wesley Mission.


    Steve is an avid bass guitarist who enjoys writing music and can often be found playing famous pop songs in pubs and clubs. On the weekend he loves spending time with his wife and 2 kids - and getting the most value out of their Wet & Wild season pass.


Admininistration and Project Managers

  • Janinne Pemberton


    Janinne controls the purse at Solutions Outsourced and ensures that everything runs like clockwork. Born and educated in the UK, Janinne has also worked in Germany, and in more recent years made the move to Australia with her family.


    Janinne enjoys spending time with her young family, including her husband and two sons, traveling, and getting to know Australian customs. She also enjoys keeping active, skiing, mountain trekking and gardening when she finds the time.

  • Julie Stevens


    Julie joins the Accounts Department managing billing and helping to keep the office in good working order. Julie brings positivity to the office, and doesn't let anyone go thirsty!


    A true local to the area, Julie spends her spare time relaxing with her family, enjoying the outdoors and can often be found traveling for her kids various sporting events.

  • Emily Pascoe-Thomas


    Emily is our lovely administration assistant. She helps out Jess with everything project management to make sure all projects progress as smoothly as possible. Emily is full of fun and sweetens the office with her contageous smile.


    Emily is quite the social lady and loves spending time with friends and family. She spends her holidays travelling abroad and in her spare time she enjoys going to concerts (some of her favs are Taylor Swift, One Direction and Katy Perry) ...she is our resident party girl!


A day at the Solutions Office

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