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About Solutions Outsourced

Founded in 2002 by two experienced IT and marketing directors with backgrounds in accountancy and management studies, Solutions Outsourced has since built a strong in-house team of talented graphic designers and detail-focused web programmers, and a unique synergy of creativity and functionality.

Our experience expands across a variety of industries and encompasses a myriad of online and print communication solutions, custom-designed web applications, specialised marketing strategy and personalised business consulting.

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What guides us in the right direction?

Recently we stumbled across a moral guide for us to refer to throughout our daily business. We call this new guide our Moral Compass. The four key points of this compass have been practiced unknowingly in the past, but its great that we now have them clearly defined for the entire team to be guided by in their day to day decision making, dealings with clients and eachother. 

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Meet the team

We're a friendly bunch...

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